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  • Features

    ■ CNC machined and painted transmitter case components  
    ■ Quick response touch screen 
    ■ Precise CNC & Plastic  Hybrid gimbals
    ■ High resolution Stick Control
    ■ The latest Android format & new main mother board  
    ■ 22 channels in PWM mode / 64 channels in XBUS  
    ■ The latest XBUS communication installed
    ■ Upgraded telemetry sensor capability/each telemetry function can handle 8 sensors
    ■ Voice alerts 
    ■ XBUS Servo Programmer installed
    ■ Sequencer function for landing gear
    ■ SD Card slot available 
    ■ USB Port Equipped (Capable to use PC Mouse operation) 

JR Matrix 22

SKU: Matrix22
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