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JR/DFA T14x4 DMSS 2.4GHz Transmitter XBus "Black Pearl"
With CNC Machined Alloy Gimbals

No. of Channels: True 14 Channels
Servo Control: up to 56 individual servos (XBus)
Modulation: DMSS (Dual Modulation Spread Spectrum)
Band: 2.4GHz/FHSS
Programming Features: Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter
Transmitter Battery Type: 6.4V 1400mAh Li-Fe
Model Memory: 30 + SD memory card slot for unlimited model memory
Neutral pulse: 1500μS

The DFA T14X4 2.4GHz transmitter allows both PWM and XBus servo control. When using XBus, the transmitters 14 channels can operate up to four servos per channel - driving up to 56 servos. By using six JR/DFA RG812BPX high current draw receivers, all 56 servos can be easily connected.



SKU: T14x4
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